Der schönste Tag (The last Dialogue) by Fabian Eder

In a unique setting the last survivors of concentration camps tell their stories to their granddaughters and grandsons.

Feature-length documentary, 112 Min.

Original title Der schönste Tag
Directed by Fabian Eder
Produced by Fabian Eder & Katharina Stemberger, backyard Film
Production Design by Rudolf Czettel
Edited by Esther Fischer
Cinematography by Carlo Hofmann AAC, Astrid Heubrandtner AAC, Richi Wagner AAC
Soundrecording and Sound Design by Stefan Rosensprung
Production Manager Doris Leitner

Cinema-Premiere: 27. January 2022

NO LIES is a short-documentary about quality journalism and fake news.

Based on the example of the newsroom of the Austrian Public Service Broadcasting the film shows which efforts are behind quality journalism. Quality journalists give an insight in their daily work. They give answers to important questions like for example Why is quality journalism important for democracy? International journalists also get a chance to speak.

Directed, Produced by Carlo Hofmann and Dietrich Heller
Director of Photography Carlo Hofmann AAC, Dietrich Heller AAC
Edited by Carlo Hofmann
Music by Matthias Werner
Sound-Recording Eckehard Braun
Sound-Mixing Hubert Weninger
Color Grading Lee Niederkofler

#qualityjournalism #fakenews #democracy #publictv #journalism #facts #documentary #doc #shortdocumentary #shortdoc

A Magical Touch by Carlo Hofmann, AAC on Vimeo.

A short film portraying award-winning violinist Vahid Khadem-Missagh exploring the effect of music. Can it be life’s true miracle?

GAMEBOY by Carlo Hofmann, AAC on Vimeo.

The short-doc GAMEBOY tells the story about the Austrian game-expert Andranik Ghalustians. Pacman as well as Arcade-Games play an important part!

Starring: Andranik Ghalustians
Co-Starring: Thomas Hoeger, Andreas Opferkuch, Stefan Semotan

Shot, Edited & Directed by Carlo Hofmann
Sound & Soundmixing by Michael Neunteufel
Best Boy, Christopher Macher
Music by Markus Schrodt
Subtitels by Peter Vogl

Wooden Soul by Carlo Hofmann, AAC on Vimeo.

A close look at the work of the Austrian master guitar maker Tobias Braun.

Nathan Kolosko „Yangisse Jarabi“
Miroslav Loncar „Who is Eve?“
Carlo Domeniconi „Reflecting Waters“
End-Title: Marie Hines „Long Way to Letting Go“

A Man in the Box by Carlo Hofmann, AAC on Vimeo.

At the beginning I planned something different to this. It should be a movie about the cinema and the projectionist. Due to time issues I had to alter the plan. So I decided to show the work of the projectionist only. As I am a movie buff since my childhood this project is really important for me.The cinemascope-format is an homage to cinema.
Shot on one day.