A Magical Touch by Carlo Hofmann, AAC on Vimeo.

A short film portraying award-winning violinist Vahid Khadem-Missagh exploring the effect of music. Can it be life’s true miracle?

GAMEBOY by Carlo Hofmann, AAC on Vimeo.

The short-doc GAMEBOY tells the story about the Austrian game-expert Andranik Ghalustians. Pacman as well as Arcade-Games play an important part!

Starring: Andranik Ghalustians
Co-Starring: Thomas Hoeger, Andreas Opferkuch, Stefan Semotan

Shot, Edited & Directed by Carlo Hofmann
Sound & Soundmixing by Michael Neunteufel
Best Boy, Christopher Macher
Music by Markus Schrodt
Subtitels by Peter Vogl

Wooden Soul by Carlo Hofmann, AAC on Vimeo.

A close look at the work of the Austrian master guitar maker Tobias Braun.

Nathan Kolosko „Yangisse Jarabi“
Miroslav Loncar „Who is Eve?“
Carlo Domeniconi „Reflecting Waters“
End-Title: Marie Hines „Long Way to Letting Go“

A Man in the Box by Carlo Hofmann, AAC on Vimeo.

At the beginning I planned something different to this. It should be a movie about the cinema and the projectionist. Due to time issues I had to alter the plan. So I decided to show the work of the projectionist only. As I am a movie buff since my childhood this project is really important for me.The cinemascope-format is an homage to cinema.
Shot on one day.